Progressive Writer: Dems May Be Able to Salvage November Election by Promising Free College for All

free college

Progressive writer Randy Shaw understands Democrats may have trouble getting young voters to the polls in November, which is why he’s urging party members to campaign on four years of free college for all.

In an opinion piece for,  Shaw describes President Obama’s plan for reducing student loan debt as “modest” and urges Democrats to think bigger:

Instead of focusing on small scale changes that will not lift most students from crushing debt, progressives should be promoting the public funding of four years of college as we now fund high school.

What better way to engage young people in national politics than to promote a plan that puts them in the same position of young people prior to the post- 1990’s tuition explosion. And to critics claiming the U.S. cannot afford it, progressives will point to the Iraq War and other costly military endeavors to say “Yes We Can” to free tuition for all.

Democrats looking for a strategy to get young voters to the polls in November have the perfect issue. And with Republicans flooding talk shows urging new and costly military intervention, free college tuition offers Democrats a powerful counter-narrative for how the nation’s resources are best used.

From “universal preschool” to “free college for all,” it’s clear progressives won’t rest until they bankrupt this country and are able to rebuild it in the image of European-style socialism.


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