Playwright David Mamet Shuts Milwaukee Theater Down After They Gender Bend His Play

david mamet

David Mamet doesn’t play around when it comes to others taking liberties with his works. In this case, a Milwaukee theater tried to take liberties with the gender of one of Mamet’s characters.

Mamet wasn’t having any of it. The outspoken conservative probably doesn’t like having his cultural works appropriated by the left for purposes that have nothing to do with the original intent of the work.


Milwaukee’s Alchemist Theatre has canceled its production of the David Mamet drama “Oleanna” after one performance after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from the playwright’s representatives over the theater company’s decision to cast a male actor in the play’s lead female role.

“Oleanna,” introduced to audiences shortly after the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas hearings in 1991, centers on the relationship between a professor and a female student who accuses him of harassment and rape. MORE…

Note to lefty creatives: If you spend the time and cash to stage a performance, make sure you don’t anger the artist who created the work by changing it and taking the whole meaning away just to suit your progressive agenda. You’ll get shut down and lose your cash, integrity, and credibility.

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UPDATE: Notice how the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel dishonestly presents this as though the theater cancelled the performance when in fact it was Mamet who shut them down. Oddly the paper couldn’t allow Mamet to have the power in this narrative. That had to be granted to the artists who essentially stole his work and avoided a very expensive lawsuit by ceasing their unauthorized appropriation of his play upon his appropriate demand.

Our guess is progressives won’t see this as the theater infringing on the playwright’s cultural rights. Because Mamet is an outspoken conservative they will cast him as the evil capitalist white man who hates gays.

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