Parents Shocked When School Features 4-YEAR-OLDS Pole Dancing to Disney Tunes

UK pole crop

Wow. Sometimes, there’s little more to say. reports:

Parents of students at Crockenhill Primary School in Kent, England are fuming over a school-sanctioned pole dancing demonstration that featured performers as young as four years old.


“One of the ladies that was performing it was wearing a crop top with one of the shoulder sleeves missing – it was quite revealing,” according to one several parents who stormed out of the event at the school’s summer fete said Sunday. “The shorts they had on showed more than they should and a lot of people were leaving as a result of it.”

“I don’t think it would have been as bad if they had been more appropriately dressed,” the father told the Daily Mail. “If it was a leotard, fair enough, but for what they were wearing, and having their faces all made up, it just wasn’t right.

“I felt like I was entering something quite unsavory.”

Even LaToya Jackson was disturbed by it, telling Dr. Drew, “It so disturbing … the message that you are giving them that it’s ok to do that, to grow up and do this. I’m just, I’m just so upset about this.”

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