Nigerian Christians Shepherded Into Church & Machine-Gunned by Boko Haram

Thirty Christians were machine-gunned down down in a church in northern Nigeria by Boko Haram.
The Islamists were dressed as Nigerian soldiers.

The Telegraph reported, via Religion of Peace:

Christians shepherded into a church by armed men apparently for their safety died when those soldiers turned out to be Boko Haram fighters in disguise, who opened fire on the cowering crowd in their latest attack.

It was one of at least six different raids across northern Nigeria on Monday and Tuesday, when as many as 30 people died.

The attacks again illustrate the militants’ supremacy over Nigeria’s state security forces, who have made little progress in freeing more than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped close to two months ago.

Boko Haram’s latest offensive came as it was reported Nigerian army officers have been convicted by courts martial for colluding with the al-Qaeda allied group, including providing them with weapons and secret intelligence.

Ten generals and five other senior officers were found guilty in the first of what were said to be several ongoing prosecutions of corrupt soldiers, Nigerian media reported.

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