New Mexico Town Decides to Go Politically Correct by Finding a New Name for Kit Carson Park


The town council in Taos, New Mexico, the hometown of the great western explorer Kit Carson, recently voted to rename a park in town that had been named after Carson for as long as anyone remembers.

The action was reportedly taken because some Native Americans in the area resent Carson’s legacy and what they believe he stood for.


From Fox News:

Council member Fritz Hahn said one American Indian activist felt uncomfortable in the park, which is named after someone who egregiously hurt her people. “We have got to heal the wreckage of the past, and Kit Carson is part of that,” Hahn said.

Carson, who died in 1868, is buried in the cemetery at the park and his name is all over Taos. He largely is known as an explorer, trapper, soldier and American Indian agent.

Taos Pueblo tribal Secretary Ian Chisholm says the pueblo viewed the council’s actions as a gesture of “healing and reconciling the past.”

Progressives love to demonize great figures of American history because they did not live by today’s politically correct standards.

If they get any more aggressive in this effort, figures like Washington and Jefferson will have to be cleansed from the books because they were slave owners, and Lincoln should be cast aside because his original plan was to colonize freed slaves outside the U.S., the land of their birth.

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