MI Teacher Suspended For Showing Students a Video About White Actors Who Used Blackface


A Michigan teacher suspended for showing students a video about white actors who used to perform with black makeup to mock black Americans.

Alan Barron, who has been teaching in the Monroe, Michigan public school system for more than 30 years and is retiring in two weeks, was suspended for showing students an accurate video of how white actors used to mock black Americans by performing in black makeup.


From the Daily Caller:

The suspension occurred after an assistant principal observed Barron teaching an eighth-grade class.
Barron’s topic for the day was racial segregation laws during the Jim Crow era. The lesson included a video which showed how white actors commonly used theatrical makeup known as blackface – a practice that began in the nineteenth century and lasted over 100 years.

The unidentified assistant principal concluded from Barron’s lesson about how entertainers used to be racist was itself racist, according to the local paper. The assistant principal also apparently ordered that Barron stop the video as it was being played.

Parents at the school have overwhelmingly opposed the suspension.

Is political correctness out of control, or what?

We thought the progressives wanted American history to be taught accurately, so that the truth about the shameful way minorities were treated in the past will be shared with millions of children across the land.

The sooner you teach them about the evils of racism, the more likely they are to understand how their nation is still working to overcome a troubling past and make the American dream possible for everyone.

But now there are people eager to paint even an honest lessons about Jim Crow America as racist in nature. Is it racist to teach true lessons about the holocaust? Is it racist to teach children about the abuses heaped on Native Americans during the early years of our nation?

The answer is probably this simple: School officials have become so paranoid about being labelled “insensate” or “racist” that they don’t want anything mentioned that even alludes to the differences between the races.

In other words, there’s no learning allowed when the topic is race-based. What a horrible shame.

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