Conservative Mark Levin Blasts “Clown” Karl Rove


Today Karl Rove penned another anti-Tea Party rant in The Wall Street Journal. Rove raved about Senator Thad Cochran’s controversial win in Mississippi on Tuesday:

National Tea Party Groups Take a Beating – The winners in this primary season kept close ties to local GOP activists.

Mississippi’s Sen. Thad Cochran pulled off a difficult and surprising win Tuesday night, and he has the state’s open primary law to thank for it. In the June 3 primary, Mr. Cochran trailed tea party favorite Chris McDaniel by 1,386 votes or 0.5% of the 313,443 votes cast. This week, he beat Mr. McDaniel, a state senator, by 6,373 votes or 1.6% of 374,893 votes.

Turnout was up in the runoff, which last happened in a Senate race 30 years ago. The six-term senator’s victory was due to a strategy by his campaign and the support of the Mississippi Conservatives super PAC led by GOP national committeeman Henry Barbour and his uncle, the very popular former Gov. Haley Barbour. They aimed to turn out for the second-round Republicans who did not vote in the primary and bring out Mississippians, including Democrats, who had not voted in either party’s primary and thus could vote in the runoff.

Cochran won because of 25,000 to 35,000 Democrat voters.
For some reason Karl Rove is celebrating this outrageous party tactic.

Conservative Mark Levin responded to Rove’s remarks:
mark levin clown

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