KOCH-ADDICTED Mother Jones Posts Footage of Boy Brothers Boxing

Mother Jones Koch
(YouTube screengrab)

Progressives are addicted to Koch. They try to claim conservatives are, but it’s just projection – as most of their accusations are. Perhaps the likes of the Mother Jones crowd know they’ll never be as successful as brother Charles and David, so they just have to obsess over them.

Regardless, Mother Jones is now featuring grainy black-and-white home footage of the Koch boy brothers boxing – from the 1940s! Why? Who knows.


Maybe they think by watching boys box when they’re about 8 years old will help them understand the psyche of billionaire philanthropists.

Apparently grainy footage of two kids who supposedly are two of the Koch brothers – David and Bill – is entertaining to progressives? Who exactly is addicted to Koch?

If only they would be as vigilant at obtaining Barack Obama’s college records.

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