ISIS Terrorists Destroy Statue of Famous Arab Poet in Mosul

You can tell they’re an Al-Qaeda spinoff.
ISIS destroyed a famous Arab statue in Mosul this week.


ISIS destroyed the modern statue of the famous Arab poet Abu Tammam this week in Mosul.
AINA News reported:

The Iraq News Network is reporting that ISIS has destroyed a modern statue of the famous Arab poet Abu Tammam. AINA has contacted several residents of Mosul and has confirmed the statue has been destroyed.

ISIS has also threatened to destroy archaeological sites in Iraq.

In Syria ISIS destroyed 3000 Year-old Assyrian Artifacts (AINA 2014-05-17).

Looting of Assyrian artifacts was also carried out in Iraq soon after 2003 by Al-Qaeda, which sold the artifacts to finance its operations.

isis mosul statue
ISIS fighters destroying a 3000 year-old Assyrian statue in Syria. (AINA)

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