Baqubah Under ISIS Assault – 37 Miles Northeast of Baghdad – Prisoners Murdered

ISIS terrorists took control of Baqubah in recent days according to reports.
Baqubah is less than 50 miles from Baghdad.

The Telegraph reported:

The Isis jihadists’ attack on Baquba (see 09.25) overnight represents the closest that fighting has come to the capital Baghdad so far. The assault on Baquba – 37 miles northeast of Baghdad – was repelled by security forces. The jihadists have said they intend to march on Baghdad and the southern Shiite holy city of Karbala. The swift advance of the militants has sparked international alarm, with UN envoy to Baghdad Nickolay Mladenov warning that Iraq’s sovereignty is at stake. “Right now, it’s life-threatening for Iraq but it poses a serious danger to the region,” Mladenov told AFP.

Baghdad is now surrounded by ISIS on three sides. Iraqi women learn how to shoot.



ISIS reportedly freed hundreds of prisoners from Mafraq jail in Baqubah.

More… But  The Telegraph says the prisoners were murdered:

At leat 44 prisoners being held at a police station were killed in the overnight Isis assault on Baquba, a city close to Baghdad, officials have said. Accounts varied over whether they had been killed by jihadists carrying out the assault, or security forces trying to prevent them from escaping.

The goal.

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