Wow! IRS Chief Says He Was First Informed of Sonasoft Email Archiving Contract Today

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IRS chief John Koskinen testified Monday at the House hearing on targeting scandal–
Monday night 7:00 PM ET — Live on FOX

Koskinen said he was first informed on the Sonasoft email archiving contract today.

The IRS used outside contractor Sonasoft to archive emails.


Internet sleuth Morgen R posted this last week. The IRS is listed as a customer of Sonasoft software – “Email archiving done right.”


The IRS first signed a contract with Sonasoft in 2005.

And Sonasoft evened bragged about being the backup servers for the IRS in a 2009 tweet.
Via Peter Suderman at Reason:
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Koskinen said he was informed of this contract with Sonasoft just today.

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