MUST SEE VIDEO>>> IRS Chief: “I Can’t Remember” Who Told Me Lois Lerner’s Emails Were Lost

This was unbelievable.
Tonight during testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, IRS Chief John Koskinen said he could not remember who told him that Lois Lerner’s emails were lost. This was unbelievable. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) nailed him during testimony.

Rep. Jim Jordan: The chairman asked you, “Who told you this information?” You can’t remember?

IRS Chief John Koskinen: No, I… do not remember.

Jordan: Did someone tell you in person? Did they send you an email?

Koskinen: I do not get emails on these subjects so I’m sure it was someone in person.

Jordan: This has been a major news story for the past 13 months and you don’t remember who came up to you and said, ‘Hey boss, we lost Lois Lerner’s emails”? You don’t remember anything about that situation?

Koskinen: I remember being told in April… I do not recall who told me.

Watch the whole exchange here–

FYI… Koskinen is a major Democrat donor.

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