Interactive Map Reveals Devastating Impact of Obamacare on Health Premiums


The Manhattan Institute has updated its interactive map with new data to allow Americans to determine the brutal impact Obamacare will have on their health care premiums.

Heartland reports:

The map is one of the most comprehensive and useful tools for people looking to determine how Obamacare will affect their healthcare premiums. Presenting data by county, individuals can see just how costly the “affordable” care act is going to be.

Taking the map as a whole reveals a very disconcerting trend in the cost of healthcare in the wake of the Obamacare roll-out. From the data presented, just 12 states enjoy a net reduction in healthcare costs. The rest see increases of varying degrees. While most states are experiencing very significant increases to their citizens’ average premium payments, nine states face astonishing average increases of more than 80 percent!

That’s a far cry from the promises Obama has been making for years. The drastic failure of Obamacare is revealed in cold, hard evaluation of the numbers. The government can fudge its presentation all it wants, but the raw data must eventually reveal itself. That is what is happening now, and the results are staggering.

Use the map here.

Kentuckians are seeing an overall increase in rates while New Yorkers are seeing a decrease.

“Perhaps most disconcerting is that the states enjoying reductions in their average premiums tend to be among the wealthiest in the union,” Heartland reports.

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