Imprisoned Sudanese Christian Sentenced to Death Has Been Released

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Meriam Ibrahim, the 27 year-old Sudanese Christian sentenced to death for converting to Christianity, has been released. An appeals court ordered the release of Meriam and the court cancelled the previous ruling. Meriam was turned in by her own brother.

Daily Mail reported:

After international pressure a government official said on May 31 that Sudanese officials were working to release her.

She was only finally freed this afternoon.

Ms Ibrahim’s lawyer Mohaned Mostafa said after her release she had been sent ‘to an unknown house to stay at for her protection and security.’

‘Her family had been threatened before and we are worried that someone might try to harm her,’ he said.

Daniel Wani’s brother Gabriel, who lives in Manchester, New Hampshire, said: ‘I need to call my brother to find out what is happening.

‘If it’s true it is great news.

‘Knowing him he will want to bring her back to America as soon as he can. I hope he can do that’.

Safwan Abobaker, an activist who works with religious campaign group Hardwired, which is based in the US, said that the pressure to release Ms Ibrahim had paid off.

He said: ‘The Sudanese government was embarrassed by all the attention so they freed her.

‘It’s better for her to come to America now as her half brother said that he would kill her if the court did not carry out the sentence.

‘The Sudanese government needs to protect Meriam and the U.S. embassy in Sudan needs to find a way of bringing her to America quickly.

‘The U.S. government needs to grant Meriam asylum or find a way to let her come to America right away. She needs to come to America’

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