Illinois Threatens To Fire Mom-Caregiver And Replace With SEIU-STATE Labor


In Illinois, the state Department of Human Resources can “fire” family members as primary caregivers for disabled loved ones and replace them with an SEIU approved scab! From Washington Examiner:

Deborah Teixeira is in danger of literally being fired by the state of Illinois from her job as Juliet’s mother. The Peoria resident has been warned that if there are more infractions, the state will send a replacement into her home to take care of her daughter instead.

Teixeira is not alone. Across the state, mothers like her and other people taking care of their family members have been told via threatening official phone calls and letters that they could be replaced if they don’t shape up.

Illinois Review has more not the SEIU connection

Deborah said she was repeatedly harassed by state employees who accused her of gaming the system, and threatened to replace her with a state employee. And what of the union she is forced to pay dues to as a condition of receiving help from the state? When contacted, the Service Employees International Union, or SEIU, did nothing to stop the state.

Yup. You read that correctly. Deborah and other in home family caregivers in Illinois were forcibly unionized by the Democrat dominated government of Illinois on behalf of SEIU. Family members are forced to pay dues to SEIU, and where is SEIU when their “members” are being threatened by their “employer”? They’re silent.



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