Illinois Democrat Governor Facing Charges Of Corruption On $55 Million “Slush Fund”

Will another Illinois governor go to jail?


Panel votes to subpoena ex-director of Quinn anti-violence program

A panel of lawmakers looking into reports of financial irregularities in Gov. Pat Quinn’s $55-million anti-violence grant program voted today to subpoena the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative’s former director to testify.

Quinn launched the program in heavily Democratic areas of the South and West sides and south suburbs as he faced a tough election bid in the fall of 2010. Republicans have contended he used the program as a political slush fund to drive voter turnout. Quinn has denied that.

Interestingly, it was when these funds dried up that there was a spike in coordinated violent attacks and flash mobs playing out in Chicago’s most valued tourist sections. Most of these attacks were perpetrated by people from the very neighborhoods where the Governor was spending all that money. Shake down, anyone?

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