HORROR! Christian Father Kills Self After ISIS Islamists Rape His Wife And Daughter

Reports are surfacing about a Christian man who killed himself after ISIS Muslims raped his wife and daughter in front of him.
Their crime? Failure to afford the sharia mandated jizya, or tax.

Fighters of al-Qaeda linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant parade at Syrian town of Tel Abyad

He couldn’t pay the jizya tax.
The Christian Post reported:

Christian Father Commits Suicide After ISIS Members Rape Wife and Daughter in Front of Him Because He Couldn’t Pay Poll Tax.

A Christian father who watched his wife and daughter get brutally raped by members of the militant group, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) because he couldn’t pay them a poll tax in Mosul, Iraq, killed himself under the weight of the trauma this past weekend.

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