Expanded Voucher Bill Awaits Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s Signature, But He’s Not Saying if He’ll Sign it or Not


Teacher unions and the rest of Florida’s Education Establishment are putting the pressure on Gov. Rick Scott to veto a bill that would open up the state’s voucher program to more students.

“The (current) voucher program, also known as the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program, provides private-school scholarships for children from low-income families,” Bradenton.com reports. “The scholarships are funded by businesses, which receive dollar-for-dollar tax credits in exchange for their donations.”


Under the proposed expansion of the voucher plan, more scholarships would be made available to families beginning in the 2016-17 school year. The expansion would also allow partial scholarships for children from higher-income families, and would “remove some of the barriers to participating in the program,” Bradenton.com reports.

There would also be more oversight of the voucher program, a key consideration to getting the bill through the Republican-controlled Legislature.

Gov. Scott, a Republican, has not indicated whether he supports the expanded voucher plan or not, but he’s generally seen as a supporter of school choice.

That has the Education Establishment worried.

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