Even Jon Stewart Mocks ’Totally Incompetent’ IRS and Its Unbelievable Excuses that ‘Borders on Criminal Idiocy’ (Video)

Even far left crank Jon Stewart doesn’t believe the Obama IRS.
The Daily Show host slammed the “totally incompetent” IRS and its unbelievable excuses that “borders on criminal idiocy.”
Via Mediaite:

Mediaite reported:

Jon Stewart took on the newest developments in the IRS scandal Tuesday night and got a strong sense of “scandal stink” from the agency. But Stewart also couldn’t resist taking a shot at how much Republicans were acting like “dicks” to the IRS commissioner during Monday night’s big hearing.

Stewart found it very hard to believe that a whole year of IRS emails is lost, just like that, when they require Americans to act like “borderline hoarders” in holding onto every single piece of information when can in case the IRS comes calling.

Stewart called the IRS “totally incompetent” and observed that “our government’s handling of information across all platforms borders on criminal idiocy.”

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