Eric Cantor Doubles Down on Amnesty for “Kids” After Election Loss (Video)

Cantor still wants amnesty for “kids” who came to America as illegals.
Cantor said this during his press conference today after his stunning loss last night.

“I have always said the system is broken it needs reforms. I think it is much more desirable and doable if we did it one step at a time working towards where we have common ground and believe things in common… I said there’s common ground at the border. There’s common ground. I would like to see the issue of the kids addressed by those who didn’t break any laws and had come here unbeknownst to them.

He still doesn’t get it.

There’s been a whole lot of kids sneaking across the open border recently.
immigrants warehouse
It’s as if Obama wants them to pour into America. (Breitbart)

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