EPA Freakout: Seas Will Rise, Temperatures Soar without Gov’t Action on Global Warming


The Environmental Protection Agency has declared war on energy is its mission to supposedly curb global warming.

The Blaze reports:

The chief of the Environmental Protection Agency on Monday justified the EPA’s sweeping new regulation on power plant emissions as a necessary step to prevent catastrophic increases in both the Earth’s temperature and sea levels.

“If we do nothing, in our grandkids’ lifetimes, temperatures could rise 10 degrees and seas could rise by 4 feet,” EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said in a Washington press conference announcing the new rule.

“I’m tired of people pointing to the polar vortex as a reason not to act on climate,” she said. “It’s exactly the opposite. Climate change heightens risks from extreme cold that freezes power grids, superstorms that drown power plants, and heat waves that stress power supplies.”

On Monday morning, the EPA released its regulatory plan, which seeks to cut carbon emissions from power plants by 30 percent in 2030, compared to 2005 levels. Early assessments of that plan indicate that many power plants are nearly halfway to that mark, since the baseline of 2005 was before the recession hit.

House Speaker John Boehner called the EPA’s plan “nuts.”


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