Democrat Lawmaker Announces Plan to Tax Sugary Sodas

Get ready to pay a special “sugar tax” on your favorite soft drinks, America.

In an address to attendees of the Soda Summit 2014, U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro announced yesterday she was preparing legislation “to tax sugar-sweetened drinks like sodas in a way that reflects the serious damage they are doing to our health.”

The Democrat lawmaker cited sugar as a major contributor to “the obesity and diabetes epidemics afflicting our country,” and alleged that the poor suffer the most from America’s easy-sugar ways.

“Added sugar is pervasive and almost inescapable at the supermarket,” DeLauro said. “And of course, many times it is the sugary foods and drinks that are easiest for families living on the edge of poverty to afford. When a 2-liter of cola is 99 cents and blueberries are over three dollars, something has gone very wrong.”

The 12-term congresswoman expects her sugar tax bill will be introduced “in a matter of weeks.”

While DeLauro’s bill likely stands no chance of passing the GOP-controlled House of Representatives, it gives Americans a hint of what the future holds now that the federal government has become so actively involved in the nation’s health care system.

Through Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare-related health insurance subsidies, the feds have a vested financial interest in keeping you healthy – and that means regulating what you eat and drink.

First Lady Michelle Obama has already kicked off this effort through her school lunch program and her involvement in getting the Food and Drug Administration to redesign nutrition labels on food packaging that emphasize calorie count and the amount of added sugar.

She also “worked with” the Mars candy company in 2012 to kill off king-sized candy bars. notes that Obamacare is also helping the effort to change Americans’ diets by requiring chain restaurants, vending machines, and other food distributors to post calorie counts on labels.

But giving nutrition information to American consumers – who may or may not use it – doesn’t go far enough for these progressives. They want to use the tax code to “nudge” you into making the right choices when you’re in a restaurant or the grocery store.

Some states and cities will be getting into the act, as well.

“Last week, the California State Senate passed the Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Safety Warning Act,” reports. “If passed by the State Assembly in the coming months, the bill will require the following warning on sugary drinks: ‘Drinking beverages with added sugar(s) contributes to obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay.’” reports New York City officials are reviving their effort “to ban the sale of sugary beverages larger than 16 ounces in the city,” even though an earlier attempt was struck down in court.

Having government leaders declare a war on sugar may seem preposterous and a waste of time. But make no mistake: This is part of the Left’s effort to “fundamentally transform” the United States.


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