Chicago Spits On Donald Trump’s Name While Salivating For His Cash


Thanks to Progressive policies Chicago is fast on its way to becoming the next Detroit.

Since the burst of the Progressive real-estate bubble, Chicago has seen a dramatic drop off in construction of new modern buildings. Some projects went dead right in the middle of construction leaving the city scarred with half built corpse-like buildings.

One major exception has been the beautiful Trump Tower which was built on the former site of the Chicago Sun Times.

96 Stories tall, it has been an economic bright spot in an otherwise cloudy environment that is only just beginning to show small signs of a fragile recovery.

Millions of Trump’s dollars were spent constructing the building and millions of dollars in economic activity is generated there annually. Thanks to Donald Trump and his visionary risk taking, Chicago is benefiting from a parcel of land that was very unproductive prior. The city should be sending Donald Trump a thank you note.

So what is Chicago doing now that Trump has put his iconic brand name on his building? They’re whining like children who don’t care what contribution Trump has made economically and developmentally to their struggling city. All they know is they hate Trump because the mainstream media has informed them that he is a villain.

They’re spitting on his name while salivating over his cash.

Chicago mayor blasts new Trump sign 

Emanual’s spokesperon, Kelley Quinn, said of the sign: The mayor “believes this is an architecturally tasteful building scarred by an architecturally tasteless sign.”

The Chicago Tribune‘s architecture critic, Blair Kamin, wrote Thursday that the giant stainless steel letters, which rise more than 200 feet high “loom over a venerable cluster of 1920s skyscrapers” and could spoil the view for the ongoing expansion of Chicago’s Riverwalk, a huge Emanuel project.

Chicago’s an embarrassment.


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