CAN’T BE UNSEEN: Anderson Cooper’s CNN Co-Host Gets Naked For Cameras Because…?

Uh…why? Cropped for your protection (the Daily Mail is not so kind):

Kathy Griffin

So-called “comedienne” Kathy Griffin recently disrobed and a photographer took her picture. Why?


Anderson Cooper’s tacky co-host on CNN’s annual New Year’s Eve Times Square broadcast did it because, well, we don’t know why.

But she’s a classy lady and for whatever reason, CNN has had her co-host its broadcast for 7 long years.

The Huffington Post reported on her most recent on-air antics:

New Year’s Eve 2013 proved to be another lively night on CNN, as host Anderson Cooper attempted to escape being handcuffed to comedian Kathy Griffin.

It was the duo’s seventh year hosting the network’s New Year’s Eve special, continuing a tradition that has seen Griffin strip down to her bra, attempt to simulate sex acts and drop the f-bomb in years past.

On Tuesday, Cooper made a fruitless attempt to control Griffin with a large poster listing the ground rules: “No Swearing, No Stripping, No Touching, No Simulations.” She responded by signing Miley Cyrus’ name.

Later, Cooper appeared baffled when Griffin snapped handcuffs on him and declared that she didn’t have a key. “Why are you attempting to handcuff yourself to me?” he asked, laughing.

“I have been planning this for weeks,” a triumphant Griffin said. “Only three people in the world knew I was going to do this.”

Suddenly, we’re feeling relieved by Al Sharpton’s mere battles with his teleprompter. He’s to hoping he keeps his clothes on.

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