Muslims Slaughter At Least 26 Civilians In Horrific Kenya Resort Rampage

Caliphate Muslim terrorists stormed a costal resort town in Kenya on Sunday and rampaged through the streets murdering everyone in sight.

Mombasa (Kenya) (AFP) – At least 26 people were killed when some 50 insurgents flying black Islamist flags swept into a Kenyan coastal town firing guns in an unprecedented attack, a local government official said on Monday.

“So far we have collected over 26 bodies and taken them to the mortuary, but we are still looking for more,” Benson Maisori, deputy commissioner for the district, told AFP.

Gun battles began Sunday evening and continued into the early hours of Monday morning, but by dawn, the town of Mpeketoni was reported calm.

several buildings including hotels, restaurants, banks and government offices were razed to the ground.

This has nothing to do with the religion of Islam:

“They were shouting in Somali and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar'”, he added, meaning “God is great”, in Arabic.

This is what the new global Caliphate looks like.


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