Buchanan Says U.S. Should Ignore the Situation In Iraq, Regardless of the Outcome


A lot of Americans are shaking their heads sadly at the mere thought of American forces having to go back to Iraq and restore the peace once again, due to President Obama’s foolish decision to remove our military presence too soon.

But how can anyone argue that the U.S. should stay out of the current mess and allow the insurrection to run its course, come what may?

Former presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan, interviewed on Newsmax TV, said that’s his philosophy.

From Newsmax:

A former adviser to Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Reagan, Buchanan reminded viewers that he opposed American intervention in Iraq in 2003 and opposes it now. If Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and his 900,000-man army can’t defend their capital from ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) insurgents, according to Buchanan, then the United States “ought not to go in and do it for them.”

Nobody is claiming that the Iraqi prime minister or his government are worth one more drop of American blood.

But the U.S. has an investment in the continued stability in Iraq, paid for with the blood and lives of American soldiers. To let that nation fall apart over one stupid move by Obama would be an insult to the men and women who served there.

And on a practical note, can we really afford to have another middle eastern nation run by radical jihadists who would only make peace in the region, and security for Israel, even more difficult to attain?

This is indeed the continuing war on terror that President George W. Bush warned us about. As much as we hate to admit it, this is a war we may be dealing with for a generation or more.

It’s just too bad that we may have to fight this particular battle twice, due to gross incompetence in the White House.


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