BREAKING: Nearly 7 Million Americans Are Registered to Vote in Two or More States

An April 2014 North Carolina study revealed 35,750 people likely voted in North Carolina and one other state in 2012. Based on this study the national voter fraud numbers from the 2012 election may have reached one million or more.

Jay DeLancy, executive director of the Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina, says the revelations will lead to prosecutions.
Via NewsMax TV:

But it may be worse than that…
Nearly seven million Americans are registered to vote in two or more states.
Watchdog reported:


Some 6.9 million Americans are registered to vote in two or more states, according to a report obtained by

“Our nation’s voter rolls are a mess,” says Catherine Engelbrecht, president of the election-watch group True The Vote.

“Sensible approaches to roll maintenance are fought tooth and nail by radical special interests who can use the duplicity in the system to their advantage,” she said.

The latest interstate voter cross check tallied 6,951,484 overlapping voter registrations, and they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

The cross-check program involves only 28 states and does not include the three largest: California, Texas and Florida.

“Duplicate registration is an open invitation to voting fraud,” said Clara Belle Wheeler, a member of the Election Board in Albemarle County, Va. “This ability to vote more than once dilutes the legal votes and changes the results of elections.”

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President Obama won the 2012 election by 5 million votes.

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