Boston Remembers Trayvon Martin With New Monument

trayvon monument
Matthew Hincman made the hoodie design to reference the Trayvon Martin killing (Courtesy)

Boston artist Matthew Hincman erected a small Trayvon Martin monument in Boston this week. The monument includes a carving of a hoodie.
WBUR reported:

For about four years, Matthew Hincman had been eyeing the old stump of a lamppost at the corner of Eliot and Centre streets in Jamaica Plain’s Monument Square. It stood there, with two screws sticking pointing up, as if calling for something to go on top.

“Ripe for intervention,” he figured.

And he got to thinking about the granite monument tower on the other side of the square to a couple dozen West Roxbury men who died in the Civil War. Long forgotten men, he thought. “There’s no collective memory around those historical monuments any more,” he says.

“Who do we memorialize?” he began to ask himself. “Why do we memorialize them in the public space?”

And so it happened that a couple Wednesdays ago, right in the middle of the day, the Boston sculptor arrived with an assistant and proceeded, without permission from any official authorities, to attach a small, secret, cylindrical metal thing atop that lamppost.

On its flat top is a low relief depicting a hoodie sweatshirt cast to the ground. Around the sides it bears Hincman’s name and the curious message “Still, 2014.” The guerrilla artwork is unobtrusive, camouflaged by how well it matches its environs.

Trayvon Martin was shot dead when he jumped neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman. Zimmerman was later cleared of criminal wrongdoing.

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