BACKFIRE! ‘Moms Demand Action’ Kicked Out of OK Restaurant for ‘THREATENING’ Gun Owners


The anti-Second Amendment group “Moms Demand Action” has been running around the country demanding chain restaurants disallow weapons in their establishments – even when the carrier is obeying all laws.

So when activists from the group encountered a group of open carriers lunching a Tulsa Chipotle, the tables were turned.


David Risselada of Freedom Outpost reports:

Moms Demand Action has been making headlines as they have launched a campaign to pressure restaurants and other local businesses to turn away customers exercising their rights to carry. Many have capitulated, Starbucks for one, and now Chili’s is considering asking patrons to leave their guns at home as well.

Oklahoma Open Carry had received word that MDA was going to go to the local Chipotle’s for lunch, so they decided to meet them there. Chipotle restaurants in Oklahoma have officially taken the position that they would rather see people leave their guns at home, but they won’t ask you to leave if you don’t; after all, in Oklahoma it is legal to openly carry, so they at least respect the law and your rights.

Moms Demand Action on the other hand, seemed to be demanding a little much on this Saturday afternoon as they approached management and asked them to throw OKOCA members out of the restaurant because they were “offended” by the presence of guns.

To be honest, we were expecting this, and we figured that we would be asked to leave; but what happened next was nothing less than awesome. The manager refused to kick out OKOCA and even gave them free drinks. MDA activists then proceeded to take pictures of the gun owners and attempted to portray them as intimidating and threatening. The management wasn’t having any of it; he threw Moms Demand Action out of his store!

Moms Demand Action is like any other progressive group – they despise freedom and Americans’ ability to lawfully live how they choose. MDA expects everyone to live how MDA wants them to live, and when they don’t comply, they’ll be intimidated and threatened into complying – or worse, goaded into reacting irrationally.

When we react like the members of Oklahoma Open Carry reportedly reacted, the rabid activists from MDA will lose every time.

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