5 Year-Old Bullying VICTIM Forced to Sign ‘Sexual Misconduct’ Confession (Video)

5 year old bullying victim forced to sign ‘sexual misconduct’ confession
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After being coerced by a fellow classmate into pulling his pants down at school, kindergartner Eric Lopez was forced to sign a “sexual misconduct” form by school officials. This happened despite the fact that Lopez was told that if he did not pull his pants down, another student would.

AZFamily reported:


This seemingly harmless action sparked an immediate response by Arizona school officials. Lopez was taken directly to the principal’s office where he was made to sign a form incriminating himself for sexual misconduct on school grounds.

What Lopez didn’t know, and was not told to him by school officials, was that he had a right to have his parents present. Eric’s mother would not be informed of her sons’ forced confession until it was too late to prevent or help it.

“I’m just heartbroken,” said Eric’s mother in an interview with her son. “He’s a 5-year old, he does not know right from wrong yet.”

According to Reason, Eric has been labeled as a “sexualized minor” and will have that label scar his transcripts and permanent records for the next 12 years of his life.

Lopez’s mother is actively fighting this label, and has since filed “a bunch of paperwork” in hopes of repealing it.

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