Young Iranians Wearing Western Clothing & Uncovered Hair Jailed for Recording “Happy” Video (Video)

About a month ago, 6 Iranian boys and girls danced to the famous song by Pharrell Williams called “Happy” on the rooftops of Tehran and uploaded their video on the YouTube.

Because of this video they were jailed by the mullahs in Tehran.
They were wearing Western clothing and their hair was showing – and they were dancing provocatively.

FOX News reported today the kids were released from jail.

Six Iranians arrested after a video of them frolicking to the hit song “Happy” went viral were released after President Hassan Rouhani tweeted his approval.

The self-professed moderate and social media-savvy president stepped in after Iranian police arrested the four men and two women, who were dancing and singing on an urban rooftop to the infectious hit song by American star Pharrell Williams. The video has drawn tens of thousands of views on YouTube.

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