Will YOU allow #LiberalPrivilege to silence @ProgsToday on Twitter after #WPC15 exposé?

I Can't Speak

MADISON – Progressives preach tolerance and diversity – as long as they approve of someone and what they have to say.

But for people who disagree with their point of view, they have no tolerance at all.


That’s why Professor Adrien Wing (in a video displayed on this site Tuesday) says U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is an “embarrassment” to the memory of the late Justice Thurgood Marshall, whom he replaced on the court.

Why would she say such a thing? Because Marshall and Thomas both come from the African-American community, but Thomas is a conservative who has never shared Marshall’s liberal philosophy or world view.

In the world of progressives, it seems as though all black people are expected to act and think the same way. That’s not a very tolerant point of view, but it is what it is.

This shouldn’t be surprising. Again, in Tuesday’s video, Wing tells her audience at the 2014 White Privilege Conference that the U.S. has too much freedom of expression, and embraces the idea of restricting speech she deems as “hurtful.”

That, of course, means anything spoken by conservatives.

So even in Western liberal democracies (like in Western Europe) there will be – there are certain things we do not do and we do not say because they do hurt people and can lead people, through those words, to even commit crimes against other people … So how would we work on that on the local, state, national and international level?

Now Wing and her crowd are at it again.

This website – Progressives Today – has already been hit with two suspensions from Twitter in its first week of operation, because a significant number of users have labeled it as “spam.”

Why would Twitter users suggest the site is nothing more than spam? Our guess is that it’s coming from extreme leftists who noticed the launch of a new conservative website and are trying to drown it before it catches on.

We’re certain they were particularly displeased with the video series posted on the site this week, exposing the radical socialist political philosophy behind the White Privilege movement.

Think about it for a moment. What’s really more “hurtful” to our democracy – exposing the radical elements in a movement that’s active in our public schools, or trying to silence opposing points of view?

Historical figures like Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Castro would certainly endorse the idea of silencing the opposition. It worked well for each of them during their time in power. But do American progressives really want to subscribe to their philosophy of government?

Progressives clearly want to take America in a very different direction. They want to be the speech police. They want to determine what we can and cannot say. They want to be the ones in control and force everyone into the collective.

It is very clear what is happening. Progressives are using every tool at their disposal – chiefly laws and technology – to silence dissent and chill free speech.

Thank you to those who are helping us fight back.

Authored by Kyle Olson

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