White Privilege Instructors Show How They Indoctrinate 8 Year-Olds (SHOCKING VIDEO)

Editor’s note: This is Part 3 of a 4-part series

The White Privilege Conference 2014
Madison, Wisconsin – March 2014

got privilege

In today’s video we show how far left teachers are already indoctrinating innocent children in White Privilege principles.

Highlights include:

  • Teacher Diana Reeves: ‘Insert social justice … information for even little kids to understand.’
  • 8-year-olds answer that the Constitution doesn’t work equally for everyone because ‘some people have different beliefs’ and ‘If you are privileged you are white.’
  • Teachers guide unassuming children to their desired answers.
  • 8-year-old child: ‘White privilege is when people that are White get an advantage to the people who are people of color.’
  • Another 8-year-old child: ‘White privilege is something that White people have, meaning they have an advantage in a lot of things and they can get a job more easily.’
  • Another student claims privilege is ‘systematic’ because of the Constitution.
  • High school student: ‘I feel like I’m going to go home and tell my parents that I’m a racist … ’

Speakers include:

  • Teacher Rosemary Colt
  • Teacher Diana Reeves
  • 8-year-old students
  • High school students

** Watch this shocking video at Progressives Today.

wpc14 kids

Coming soon to a school near you!

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