White Privilege Conference 2014 Part 2: Obama Is the Front Man for the Racist American White Privilege System (Video)

Editor’s note: Part 2 of 4

WPC14 – Obama Is the Front Man for the Racist American White Privilege System
obama front man

Highlights from Part 2 include:

  • Speaker Adrien Wing: ‘You can’t just look at the face’ and goes on to slam Clarence Thomas and Barack Obama.
  • Wing: Obama is ‘the face of global White privilege.’
  • Wing: Obama is the ‘black face in the White House.’
  • Wing: Urges attendees to think about ways to rein in freedom of speech
  • Speaker Paul Kivel compares Christianity to ‘racism and sexism or other systems of oppression.’
  • Speaker Leonard Zeskind: ‘The longer you are in the Tea Party, the more racist you become.’
  • Zeskind: Parents put their kids in private schools because they’re racist
  • Speaker Stephanie Baran: capitalism perpetuates white supremacy and privilege, racism and sexism
  • So-called ‘White ally:’ ‘White people do not experience racism.’
  • Ally: Rape is not intrinsically bad.

Speakers include:

  • University of Iowa Professor Adrien Wing
  • Author Paul Kivel
  • Leonard Zeskind
  • Professor Stephanie Baran

got privilege

In part 1 of our 4 part series examining the White Privilege Conference, we focused on the ideological underpinning of this annual education event. According to White Privilege Theologians, the human category of white, and thus racism itself, was invented in 1681 in order to protect capitalism by dividing labor.

In part 2 of our report, we take you inside the workshops of the WPC to witness how organizers translate the radical Keynote addresses into practical White Privilege training, the goal of which is to teach educators how to indoctrinate children in the ethos of White Privilege ideology.

As you will witness in our report, proponents of the “White Privilege” theory have become the very thing they claim to despise.

In part 2, White Privilege Conference speaker Professor Adrien Wing told the audience, “Critical Race Theory … says … ‘You can’t just look at the face.’”

“Clarence Thomas is on the Supreme Court. Does he really replace Thurgood Marshall? He’s an embarrassment and a disgrace to the memory of Thurgood Marshall and if I met Clarence Thomas I’d call him that to his face.”

“That’s ‘cuz I have something called tenure,” Wing told the laughing audience. In this very statement, Wing is implying Thomas should think a certain way simply because of the color of his skin.

What a disgrace to the individuality of Marshall, to suggest that another black man should think like him, simply because of his race.

But Wing didn’t stop there. “Does having a Black president change that? Has it changed that? Unfortunately, it hasn’t. Is it? He ends up being the front man for the system,” said of Barack Obama…

…Another speaker, Professor Stephanie Baran, said, “For me capitalism is the all-consuming thing. Capitalism maintains white supremacy, white privilege, racism, sexism, patriarchy, um, hetero-normativity – you name it: capitalism.”

Read the rest here.

View the outrageous undercover video here.

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