#WarOnWomen – Filthy Leftist Threatens to Shoot Dana Loesch in the C*nt

It’s no secret that conservative women are threatened and verbally assaulted regularly be “Progressive” on TV and the internet.
It’s a disgusting practice that is approved of by the liberal media. When Sarah Palin is repeatedly called a c*nt the media shrugs its shoulders and looks the other way. They agree with it. You won’t find any sympathy from today’s corrupt media if you are a conservative woman.

And, so it continues.
Here’s one particularly vile message sent to conservative pundit, radio and TV host Dana Loesch this week.
(Warning on language and content)
filthy leftist threat dana

La Brat Cat hit all of the left’s favorites in one tweet.


This is a great example of how the left operates today.

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