UNREAL! Dem Congressman Posts Hit Piece Calling Gay GOP Oppenent “Mary”

Democratic Congressman Scott Peters (D-CA) posted a hit piece on his campaign website calling his gay Republican opponent, “Mary.”

The hit piece was originally posted on the hate-website AmericaBlog and contained false and grossly-distorted claims about DeMaio’s record on LGBT issues.

carl demaio
Carl DeMaio was orphaned when he was 14. He was taken in by Jesuits and earned his way to Georgetown University. After college, Carl founded two successful businesses before the age of thirty. He sold the businesses and was elected to San Diego City Council. Now Carl DeMaio is running for Congress.


That’s why the liberal gay groups hate him.
This week Democrat Scott Peters called DeMaio “Mary”, a pejorative term, on his campaign website.
National Review reported:

The Log Cabin Republicans are calling on Representative Scott Peters (D., Calif.) to apologize for a post on his campaign website that used a pejorative term for his Republican challenger, Carl DeMaio, who is gay.

The group takes issue with a post by Democratic political consultant and gay-rights activist John Aravosis on Peters’s website. After quoting DeMaio saying he feels more intolerance and hostility from the LGBT community for being Republican than from social conservatives for being gay, Aravosis snarks, “Oh Mary, it’s so hard to be you.”

“There is no doubt that if the roles were reversed and a straight Republican congressman promoted content on his website calling his gay Democratic opponent a ‘Mary,’ there would be no end to the outrage from the left,” Log Cabin Republicans executive director Gregory T. Angelo said in a statement. “Of course, when a Democrat does it, no one raises an eyebrow — but we’re not going to let this slide.”

DeMaio is one of three candidates hoping to defeat first-term Congressman Scott Peters (D-San Diego) this November, and the first step is the June primary. If elected, DeMaio would be the first openly gay Republican elected to U.S. Congress.
And that is why the left hates him.

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