States controlled by Democrats hit with higher taxes, while the opposite is true in Republican states


States with Democratic governors and legislatures have been raising taxes while states with Republican governors and legislatures have been cutting taxes.


This week, Americans for Tax Reform tabulated the total dollar amount of tax increases signed into law by Democratic governors since 2011, with that amount coming to $58 billion in higher taxes … Republican governors have cut taxes by more than $38 billion.

And Americans wonder which party to blame for the sluggish economy. The simple fact is that Democrats put a higher priority on funding government, so they pull billions of dollars out of the pockets of working people and small business owners. That means there’s less money in the private sector for families to make purchases and businesses to hire. This isn’t rocket science. Our federal government and various state governments have a choice: Do they invest in the private sector, where most jobs are created, or in government, which wastes money, encourages dependency and creates relatively few jobs? It should be a no-brainer.

Consider these simple but telling figures – unemployment in the 13 Democratic states under total Democratic control is 6.3 percent while the rate in the 24 states under total Republican control is 5.6 percent.

Authored by Steve Gunn