Sickening as it is, Strongsville school district should be forced to reveal subs’ names


COLUMBUS, Ohio – In the end, the right of citizens to secure information from government is pretty darned important.

Even if that means a school district has to turn over the names and addresses of brave people who served as substitutes during a teacher strike to a vengeful teachers union.

About a year ago union teachers in Strongsville, Ohio abandoned their students for nearly two months. During that time, 372 educators had the courage to cross the picket lines and make sure the students had some form of instruction while their regular teachers had their labor tantrums outside on the sidewalk.

The substitutes were treated badly by union thugs. One car window was smashed. A union worker reportedly swerved a van in the path of a carload of substitute teachers. Fliers were handed out in the neighborhoods of known subs, informing residents that they lived near “scabs.”

One striker told an African-American sub that “Rose Parks would be ashamed of you.”

When the strike was settled, the union teachers went happily back to work while the substitutes were cast aside with a “thank you” from the school board.

But the union couldn’t move on without seeking revenge against the subs.