Sex, Lies and Generational Blowback: The Clinton-Lewinsky Legacy

Guest post by Marinka Peschmann

***Warning: Contains graphic, crude and vulgar descriptions*** Block children from view. Not for the faint of heart or easily offended. The truth is hard to swallow when it comes to Hillary Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton’s sex legacy. Pun intended. If you have a problem with it, take it up them. *** You have been warned.***

In Beyonce’s explicit video for the song Partition, the half naked Grammy winner and “role model” croons: “He Monica Lewinsky-ed all over my gown.”

Author and Clinton investigator Marinka Peschmann responded to the sudden reemergence of Monica Lewinsky.
Peschmann shares her own thoughts on the Clinton-Lewinsky legacy on American culture.

With all the brouhaha surrounding Monica Lewinsky’s re-emergence into the public eye in her Vanity Fair essay, “Shame and Survival,” to ostensibly help others who are publicly “humiliated to death,” will she really give “purpose” to her past? Will she warnfuture generations about the dangers of sexual exploitation, dissuade people from partaking in the Clinton-Lewinsky sex legacy, talk about the rule of law, the crimes she and others engaged in and got away with in the White House during thatimpeachment thing?

The let’s-make-a-deal immunity from prosecution Lewinsky took kept her from being criminally charged and branded a felon forever.

“I don’t actually know why this whole story became about oral sex. I don’t,” Lewinsky said, in the “Monica in Black and White” HBO documentary,

I do. Despite Clinton’s impeachment not being about sex, the Clintons and Clintonistas made it about sex.

By turning the narrative that should have been focused on criminal indictments like obstruction of justice, perjury, witness tampering and suborning perjury into an epic sex scandal soap opera and personal issue, the Clintons successfully distracted and deflected the public’s attention away from the crimes and escaped justice.

These crimes also occurred in the less salacious earlier investigations as documented in my Clinton books, The Whistleblower and Following Orders.

While I have tried to avoid reporting the dirty, raunchy, gutter news of the Clinton era (yes, there is more, stay tuned), in my Clinton books, it is impossible to ignore because the Clinton-Lewinsky sex legacy has poisoned generations of innocent kids worldwide. It’s become a war on children by promoting promiscuity and unhealthy, demeaning sexual behavior. It has reaped a moral breakdown with real world consequences. The jury is in. Facts and statistics don’t lie.

Look! Blowjobs are the new good night kiss.

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