Scientists Cover Up Another Peer-Reviewed Study That Disputes Global Warming Junk Science

The lead story on The Times paper in Great Britain says scientists suppressed a scientific paper on climate change purely for political reasons.
climate review

Scientists refused to publish articles that contradicted their belief in global warming junk science.
The Telegraph has more:

Climate science has become ‘too green’ and ‘blind to bias’ scientists have warned after it was claimed a major journal suppressed research which cast doubt on the speed of global warming.

The journal Environmental Research Letters refused to publish an article by Lennart Bengtsson and other academics which flagged up inconsistencies in temperature projections.

Professor Judith Curry, of the Georgia Institute of Technology, said it had the potential to do as much damage to climate science as the ‘climategate’ scandal, where the University of East Anglia was accused of manipulating data and attempting to suppress critics.

In the past year the journal has also been criticised for promoting a paper which suggested that 97 per cent of climate change studies supported the hypotheses of man-made global warming.
Richard Tol, professor of economics at the University of Sussex, said the calculations were flawed and the study should be retracted.

This comes after one of the coldest winters ever in the United States.


For the first time in over a century Niagara Falls froze over this winter.
niagara frozen
The U.S. side of the Niagara Falls is partially frozen after temperatures in the area dropped to -2F
(Picture: REUTERS)

Lake Michigan was over 90% ice covered this winter – another record.

According to Steven Goddard the US just endured the coldest winter in 102 years.

But these con-artists are still trying to push their global warming junk science on society.
They should be jailed.

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