School board member, citizens angry that students were shown a video supporting gay marriage

(Kids React to Gay Marriage)

JANESVILLE, Wis. – Janesville school board member Bill Sodemann fully supports all efforts to curb bullying in public schools, regardless of who’s being bullied or for what reason.

But someone in one of the district’s high schools managed to turn an anti-bullying theme into a pro-gay marriage theme, and Sodemann thinks that went too far.

Sodemann and the rest of the school board were aware that Craig High School planned to have a so-called “Day of Silence” April 12 to protest the bullying of openly gay students, or those suspected by classmates of being gay.


The day was sponsored by the school’s Gay-Lesbian Alliance, a student-based organization.

But Wednesday morning Sodemann learned that most of the students in the school had spent their Advisory class time on that day watching a video called “Kids Respond to Gay Marriage,” which clearly promotes the concept of gay marriage.

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