Return of the Red Menace? Statue of Communist Mass Murderer To Be Erected In Armenian Capital

TIME Magazine Cover of Anastas Mikoyan Sep. 16, 1957 (TIME)

Most liberty loving Americans are too busy worrying about the rise of Communist-Progressivism here in the United States to pay attention to the possible return of the Red Menace in Europe. But the warning signs of that return are becoming more evident with each passing day.

Case in Point. reports that a statute of a Communist mass murder, is to be erected in the Armenian Capital (links and emphasis added):

As Armenia prepares to join the Russia-led Customs Union, a surprise decision to erect a statue in the capital Yerevan in honor of the Soviet-era political leader Anastas Mikoian is raising hackles among intellectuals and rights activists.

…But within Armenia, he is also reviled for his participation in the bloodletting of the 1930s; in particular, for a 1937 letter to dictator Joseph Stalin in which he recommends the execution of an additional 700 “anti-Soviet” Armenians. Many complain also that he supported Nagorno-Karabakh remaining part of Azerbaijan and disparaged concerns about Ottoman Turkey’s 1915 massacre of ethnic Armenians.

According to an Armenian political activist, the statue is an effort to please Putin:

Political analyst Ruben Mehrabian from Yerevan’s non-profit Center for Political and International Studies agreed. “By reviving this Soviet-era figure, our authorities are trying to please Russia,” he charged.

Moscow has not publicly expressed an opinion about the statue plans. Russian President Vladimir Putin, however, recently has encouraged a revival of nostalgia in Russia for the Soviet Union.

Is this statue a definitive sign of the Return of Red Menace? Only time will tell.

But, at the very least, it’s a part of a disturbing trend in Europe that demands our attention.

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Authored by P.W. Adams, The P/Oed Patriot

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