Report: Portland State University Paid ‘Domestic Terrorists’ to Speak at On-Campus Conference

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Dan Sandini at Daylight Disinfectant has done some unbelievable research on the “Law & Disorder” conference for anarchists, which was recently held at Portland State University. We previously reported about the anarchist speakers who hid behind cops while being shouted at by their fellow anarchists. Now we learn that tax dollars have been going to some of these nutcases.

Sandini wrote:

Over the Memorial Day weekend details emerged in the widening scandal involving PSU faculty approving payments from school accounts to domestic terrorists, Black Panthers, communists, anti-Semitics and other assorted controversial figures. The payments were made in the form of stipends paid directly to the speakers who were part of an Anarchists Conference which went awry with chaos. …

According to the email received over the Memorial Day weekend, the event,  “The 5th Annual Law and Disorder Conference,” was subsidized at a total cost $18,612.00.

Who were some of the people who received the tax dollars for travel and speaking fees?

According to Sandini:

Scott Crow, Domestic Terrorist – $1,850.00:  Crow is a domestic terrorist who has been included on numerous criminal watch lists. This admission of being watched by law enforcement brought him applause during the conference.

Nehanda Imara, Exclusionary All-African People’s Revolutionary Party – $1,200.00:  Imara is called out here for her Communist anti-American rhetoric:  “Capitalism is a failed system. Would you agree?”

Anthony Rayson, Communist, Anti-Semitic, Supporter of Hamas – $1,000.00: In this article Rayson supports terror groups identified by the U.S. Department of Justice, and expounds on his Marxist-Leninist ideology.

James Jordan, Alliance for Global Justice – $1,000.00:  Lantham’s organization laundered George Soros’ money to fund the criminals who organized Occupy Wall Street.

Jenny Esquivel, Partner of Convicted Domestic Terrorist – $1,000:  Esquivel is the partner of Eric McDavid, who together with Lauren Weiner and Zachary Jenson, planned acts of arson and sabotage to the Nimbus Dam and fish hatchery on the American River near Sacramento.

Leslie James Pickering, domestic terrorist – $1,000:  Pickering is one of the founders of ELF, and was classified as the top “domestic terror” threat in the United States by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in March 2001.

We’ve noticed that the national and local media have all but ignored this story. Is that because the national and local media approves of this sort of thing?


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