Report: Once GOP Primaries Are Over Boehner Will Move Forward With Amnesty

boehner amnesty
This guy really needs to step down.

There is a report out this week that Speaker Boehner will push amnesty after the GOP primaries are over.
If this is true, Boehner needs to go.
David Steinberg at Pajamas Media reported:
Pajamas Media reported:

Little comes easier to a skilled speaker than clarity; clarity makes up much of the “skilled” qualifier. Politicians require the ability, and generally have the personality type that draws one to public speaking. Ironically, these facts produce a wonderfully useful corollary: If a politician’s statements leave you unsure of his stance on an issue, you can be sure he opposes the popular stance of his electorate.

If you can speak clearly, you can never not.

On Monday, Byron York posted an excellent piece of journalism on the increasing clarity enveloping Speaker John Boehner in regards to House GOP leadership’s intentions on amnesty. The following is excerpted from York’s piece, “John Boehner’s Double-Speak Rattles House Immigration Foes“:

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Boehner, while speaking to donors in Las Vegas recently, said he is “hellbent” on passing immigration reform “this year.” A lot of Republicans concluded that when Boehner is speaking to jittery members, his message is: Relax, nothing’s going to happen. When he’s speaking to fat cats, the message is: We’ll get it done.

The report sparked an uproar, which in turn caused Boehner’s office to hit the “Relax” button again. “Everyone can tell their editors to chill,” Boehner spokesman Brendan Buck told reporters. “Nothing has changed. As he’s said many times, the Speaker believes step-by-step reform is important, but it won’t happen until the president builds trust and demonstrates a commitment to the rule of law.”

The reassurance didn’t reassure. Team Boehner’s response was “the ultimate non-sequitur,” in the words of one Senate GOP aide involved in the immigration battle.

“Most members see the leadership as being supportive of Gang of Eight-style reform,” said a House Republican lawmaker who asked to remain anonymous. “We continually hear that once most primaries are over, the leadership will move forward with comprehensive reform.” (emphasis added)

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