Report: Al-Qaeda Gitmo Terrorists Receive Better Medical Care Than US Veterans (Video)

Gitmo killers and terrorists are receiving better health care than US veterans

This is just shameful.
Former Pentagon spokesman JD Gordon, who made 30 trips to Guantanamo Bay Prison, told Eric Bolling Thursday on Hannity that Gitmo terrorists get better healthcare than US veterans.

“Well, at Guantanamo there is about 150 detainees there right now and they have a medical unit of about 100 doctors, nurses, aides and support staff. Now it’s about 1.5 detainees to one medical official. But if you look at veterans in this country, there are 21 million veterans. And, of those 21 million veterans, 9 million are receiving VA care. But, if you look at VA employees, it’s 267,000. That’s a 35 to one ratio. So, I think President Obama has a flawed sense of priorities. He’s taking better care of Al-Qaeda detainees in Guantanamo than our own veterans.”

Meanwhile, Obama is out fundraising tonight.

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