Report: $8.8 Million in Bonuses Paid at Seven Veterans Affairs Centers

open the books

According to Open the Books website seven VA facilities paid out more than $8.7 million in bonuses.

VA executives and employees may have been “cooking the books” to “make their bonus.
Everybody appeared to get a bonus for doing their job.

Via Open the Books website:


News reports have alleged that veterans were not able to receive appointments for months and “secret waiting lists” were compiled with a double set of books. The feds are investigating.
Seven facilities have alleged wait list problems in the news cycle. Total bonuses to the employees at these facilities (2011-2013):

1. Edward Hines, JR Hospital, Cook County, IL ($4.1356 million)
2. Malcolm Randall VA Medical Center, Gainesville, IL ($575,400)
3. New Mexico VA Health Care System Albuquerque, NM ($2.646 million)
4. Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System Home, Biloxi, MS ($247,103)
5. Miami VA Healthcare System Miami, FL ($334,987)
6. Fort Collins Outpatient Clinic, Fort Collins, CO ($4,150)
7. Phoenix VA Health Care System Home, Phoenix, AZ ($843,000)

TOTAL: 12,549 employees received $8.787 million in bonuses 2011-2013

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