Reformed Abortion Clinic Director: “We Gave Low-Dose Birth Control Pills We Knew They’d Get Pregnant On” (Video)

Earlier today Progressives Today released our interview with Carol Everett of The Heidi Group. Carol told us how the abortion industry in America today is run like business.carol everett

** Read out full interview here.

Carol also described how abortion providers work in schools.


Carol has been speaking out for several years now on the horrors of the abortion industry.

Progressives Today followed up with Carol later this morning. Carol has been telling her story for several years but it has never really gone mainstream. Carol said, “I’ve been interviewed several times. The media is free to print what they want to print and they don’t always print the truth in my opinion. I was invited to be on Oprah several times during the years and I’d be interviewed but I never made it through to the final appearance.”

Carol also believes the sex education they teach in schools is part of their marketing plan. “Abortion is a marketed product. That’s what we’re missing. They’re hiding behind words like ‘privacy rights and choice and rape and incest.’ But they never talk about adoption. They never talk about life. They skillfully market it.”

Carol hopes The Gosnell Movie is truth and needs to be produced. “The truth is the abortionists are killing babies and hurting women and The Gosnell Movie needs to be seen.”

Carol Everett continues her important work in the pro-life movement. You can reach Carol at The Heidi Group.

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