Paul is wrong to suggest that the GOP should drop its push for voter ID

vote twice
(National Review Online)

MADISON – Political parties that hope to be successful should pay close attention to public opinion.

Sometimes it’s wise to re-examine polices and platforms, to make sure they are in sync with modern voters.


But sometimes principle must come before politics, because right is right and wrong is wrong.

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, a potential GOP presidential candidate, thinks the Republican Party has been hurting itself by promoting the passage of voter identification laws in various states.

“I think it’s wrong for Republicans to go crazy on this issue because it’s offending people.” Paul was quoted as saying by

If the idea of voter identification is offending people, that’s only because the Democrats have somehow managed to convince them that ID laws would disenfranchise millions of black and low-income voters.

That’s absurd.

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