Palestinians Display Doctored Jesus Paintings for Pope Francis

Palestinians displayed doctored Christian paintings for Pope Francis’s visit this weekend.
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Raphael’s The Deposition, (1507), which shows the dead Jesus being carried to his tomb. In the Palestinian version, Jesus’ legs have been replaced by a photo of the wounded legs of a Palestinian, being carried away by a man as an Israeli soldier looks on. (PMW)

The Palestinians combined classic Christian paintings with images of Palestinian “oppression.”
FOX News reported:

As he moves among the masses in Bethlehem Sunday during a much-anticipated tour of Israel and the Palestinian Authority-controlled West Bank, Pope Francis’ eyes may meet images of history’s most cherished Christian-themed masterpieces — digitally doctored with a bizarre, anti-Semitic twist.

The Palestinian Presidential Committee of Higher Affairs commissioned an open-air exhibition of works blending Christian art by masters such as Rembrandt, Caravaggio and Raphael,with sometimes graphic, digitized images of incidents allegedly from the long-running Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The PA’s hijacking of great paintings includes Raphael’s 1507 masterpiece, “The Deposition,” which shows Jesus Christ — now claimed as a Palestinian by the PA and not from Judea as documented in the Gospels. In the twisted interpretation commissioned for the Pope’s visit, he is still shown being carried away after the Crucifixion, his upper body as painted more than 500years ago. But Christ’s legs have been digitally altered and melded to the original painting to show those of an injured Palestinian clad in jeans being carried away as an Israeli soldier looks on.

“These images were requested specifically for the Pope’s visit,” Itamar Marcus, founder and director of Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), told

“The paintings clearly depict Jesus blending in with Palestinians. This is an ongoing and important part of Palestinian ideology as demonstrated on December 23 last year when, in his annual message to Christians, [PA president] Mahmoud Abbas referred to the birth of Jesus Christ as a Palestinian messenger of peace, attempting to give them [the Palestinians] a history they don’t have. The same message has been repeated throughout the Palestinian establishment, including by the Grand Mufti, and others.”

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In Murillo’s Christ healing the Paralytic at the Pool of Bethesda, (1670), in which Christ is depicted curing a suffering man near the pool, the scenery of the healing pool has been replaced by a photo of a Palestinian sitting by Israel’s separation wall. (PMW)

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