Obama tells Democrats midterm elections could derail his agenda

President Obama (Politico)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Obama has been telling wealthy Democratic supporters that loss of the Senate in this year’s mid-term elections could threaten to derail his agenda, according to the Washington Post:

As he toured a series of mansions, Obama made the case that should Democrats fail to keep their hold on the Senate and do not win back the House, both his second-term priorities and the country’s future could be imperiled.

We’re not sure what agenda the president is talking about – not that it matters. Second term presidents become lame ducks after the mid-terms, anyway, and their influence is greatly diminished as all attention turns to the race for a successor. Obama’s real fear is that loss of the Senate would probably end his wild abuse of executive orders, and would allow full-scale investigations of the Benghazi murders and IRS scandal. The Senate is Obama’s political firewall. Without it, he could end up wishing he was merely a lame duck that everyone ignores.

Authored by Steve Gunn


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